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Umbrellas have been with mankind for a long time now. From utility to accessorizing to being Magical as the Hagrid’s wand, bespoke and high-tech Kingsman’s weapon, phenomenal as Popatlal’s. Ever so useful whilst adding the glamour to ones being.

Over the years, Umbrellas have been invented and reinvented in different shapes and sizes in numerous colours and designs to suit the taste of people today. They are still protecting us from the sun and rain but now more efficiently and have much more to offer. Here are the top 5 umbrellas that you definitely need to check out this summer.

Lightweight, Windproof and Sun proof Umbrella.

Summer is that time of the year when everyone is on vacation mode. But, at the same time, the rough weather makes it difficult to even step out of the house. Are you going to let the sun beat you down and ruin all your travel plans? Absolutely not, right?

Always travel light, but always carry the necessary. And this ultra-light sun proof umbrella is a must have as an extra layer of protection over to protect your skin. For maximum protection use a black umbrella to save yourself the harmful UV rays and sunlight. What’s more to this? Its Windproof feature makes sure you can use it in stormy winds of the following monsoon.

Fashionable floral Umbrellas.

Blooming flowers and flourishing fauna is a celebration that summer brings with it. These lovely floral umbrellas are quickly becoming a trend among the young generation who need protection from the sun but, at the same time need to keep fashion in check. Why compromise when you can get the best of both the worlds, an extremely useful sun-protection and a nice addition to complete your look.


A bright sunny day or a pleasant summer evening is the best time to click pictures and create memories. Catching up on the selfie trend, this Selfie Stick umbrella from EseriesUmbrellas has advanced to fulfil the need of a true selfie lover. It is a highly functional accessory to have and why would it not be? You can Take sunkissed selfies and also save yourselves from the sun-burns.

So, go out there a make the best of the summer times, enjoy the bright weather and click thousands of profile pictures to last till the next summers. Make this innovative and trendy umbrella your travel partner today

Stylish Compact 5 fold Umbrellas.

Umbrellas are the best accessory you can carry during summers, but sometimes you are not able to carry it because you don’t have enough space for it.

This new breed of 5-fold umbrellas are becoming the crowd favorite because they are light and super compact. To draw a comparison these 5 fold umbrellas measure 26 cm which is smaller than a 30 cm measuring scale or your tablet. how cool is that?

Automatic Open & Close.

In times where everything is tech-savvy the umbrellas have got their fair share of upgrades. Don’t you hate when you are the only one struggling opening or closing an umbrella? Well, there may be just the right umbrella for you. The sun and rain protection can now be at your fingertips. Yes! press a button to open the umbrella and the same for closing it.It solves the problems of people who may have a difficulty closing or opening an umbrella.

These were some our best picks we could find for you this season. Hope this list was useful for you.

Stay safe guys! Carry an umbrella.

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Written by Eseries Umbrellas